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A graduate of Oxford University, Hugh Morgan is a full-time freelance translator of foreign languages into English, and an editor of translated texts. At 42, he has a track record of 17 years in translation.

Key services at your disposal are:

  • Work to tight deadlines
  • Clear readable English from grammatically complex foreign texts
  • High-quality creative copy for publication
  • Willingness to help with small and larger tasks.

Reliability comes from experience

After employment abroad, in Germany and Italy, Hugh Morgan moved to Cheltenham in 1985 to take up a civil service post as a linguist at the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ).

From 1990 - 1994 he was actively associated with Translation Services, of Gloucester, as a linguist serving local industry in many practical ways.

Since 1994 he has been full-time freelance working from home. The Internet links Hugh with regular clients in Switzerland, Germany and Denmark. As a translator, Hugh is a regular contributor to Watch International, the magazine of the International Watch Company, to Holiday, a magazine for Swiss time-share owners, and other Swiss publications for an international audience.

The Languages

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